Monday, July 27, 2015

Words words words

Words words words
They are everywhere
Rushing into each other
Bumping into each other
In the crowded lanes of backlit pages
Crushed between images
Squeezed through 4.6 inch screen
Words that send you to another backlit page of crowded words

Like traffic on 101 parked right behind Each other words
Information they say we r hear to convey
Breathe us in breathe us in
And liberate us from these pages
We are suffocating let us breathe
So am i with the onslaught of you the words
Suffocating let ME breathe
Everywhere you are. in my facebook, twitter feed, on wikipedia and on the blue enticing links

Lets go somewhere where you the words and i have space to breathe
A page white on which you have a stage to dance
Not that backlit pages where you are crammed in and overflowing like a local mumbai train

Let us both find a place to breathe

Sunday, October 13, 2013


The moment I sit in
So captured and imprisoned
You must know this
It must have happened to you

Time is flowing a moment after another
Like a river, a drop after another
And comes then a moment when
Being carried away you are in it
Captures you, imprisons you,
That moment for eternity

Locked you are in its chains
But struggle you not to free yourself
As the moment has consumed you

Such is, I want to tell you,
Your beauty
Captured and unwilling to struggle
To free myself
So Lay I
Consumed by your beauty

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pregnant desire

Arrested is desire, in the chains of cupidity
Posses she must that is forbidden

Blinding is the aroma of transgression
And seized desires swell..
Disintegrate they then
On the shores of Eden

Pregnant is the desire fulfilled
From the seed of “sin”,
grows and then born thus is
guilt, the child of desire

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Deke maut ke havaale muje
aye ruh rukhsat tu ho gayi
karke waada zindagi ka
maut ke darwaaze pe tu chhod gayi

lita diya duniya ne kabr mein
aur zameen se mein lipat gaya
simat ke fir jaise maa ki god me
aanson bahaata teri bewafaai ke raha

jab thak kar badli karwat maine
to aashiko ka maikhana paya
jahaan lete hue hai sab chhe foot andar
gaate hue, ruh, teri bewaafi ka gaana

Sunday, January 13, 2013

As the time flies..

A bird swift with a hawk's velocity
whizzes it through the invisible skies
Lingers the whiff of past, as behind
Fragrance of nostalgia lies

Sheds it a feather on some flights
And born is a moment florid
Capture I wish to, the colorful plume
But dances it away with the wind

Builds it a nest in a distant land
Where slow moos of the cows are heard
And in the slow rustles of the trees
Comes the lost wind for nomad's rest

Some Sundays comes the bird to my porch
And slow down the clocks their breathing
But come when the Mondays, Tuesdays and so on..
Takes it off to distant land for the nest far away

And I watch the time fly by..

Sunday, December 2, 2012

raat kuch raaz hume bhi bata ja

raat kuch raaz hume bhi bata ja

ki jo baate chaand ne sitaaron se
aur guftgu baadal ne baarish se
labz jo chhede tapkti bundone chhate se

aise kuch raaz
raat humko bhi bataa ja

jo lamhe kiye bayaan palkon se aasuon se
dard jo baante ghunghru ne kadmo se
kahaani jo sunaai sharaab ne bottle se
aise kuch raaz
raat humko bhi bataa ja
leke aaghosh me apne
sune se ye dil ko behla ja

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Prisoner of words

Abound by the words I am
Of its fettering shackles
Confined is my expression
In the cells of sentences

Story can I not tell
In paragraphs and chapters
When my expression in enslaved
By the words and sentences