Thursday, July 16, 2009

Abuse of 'lol's

The memories of those old days have become somewhat of a souvenir when I had to work hard and only worthy and witty humorous lines of mine will get, in response, 'lol'. And it felt good to receive a 'lol' for it boosted your self esteem and rewarded the efforts you put in or the talent you got to come up with those really funny lines. But that seems to be in the history as much as the french revolution or the civil war, for 'lol's are everywhere now. Market has been influxed with such large quantities of 'lol's that it has become a commodity that has lost its classical value.

The world of social networking and abbreviations has deteriorated its traditional value. So much commonplace it has become that even the lines as simple and perhaps as lame as 'I am working on a Sunday', 'Can't wait for the weekend' or 'Palin is stupid' (no personal judgment on that one) receives a response of 'lol'. Lots Of Laughter. Seriously what makes it so reward worthy. At best I can conceive a response of ':)' or 'hehe' but what is there to throw such a huge quantities of laughter, lots of laughter, lol. Infact 'lol's have flooded the market so much that one can be seen dispensing 'lol's to one's own remarks, the remarks at which no one else will lol. Stop 'lol'ing yourself. Call me old, but for a man who hails from the era when 'lol' was a self esteem booster, it is excruciating, at the least, to see his facebook or twitter news feed pages inundated either with 'lol's in response to some not-so-funny remarks or with self-lol-ing.

The world inflated with 'lol's has become so depressing that my humor has lost its self esteem and is drinking in some deep dark corner of those shaddy alleys. As if it itself has become the object of 'lol's and humiliation by those lame-humor bystanders.