Monday, July 27, 2015

Words words words

Words words words
They are everywhere
Rushing into each other
Bumping into each other
In the crowded lanes of backlit pages
Crushed between images
Squeezed through 4.6 inch screen
Words that send you to another backlit page of crowded words

Like traffic on 101 parked right behind Each other words
Information they say we r hear to convey
Breathe us in breathe us in
And liberate us from these pages
We are suffocating let us breathe
So am i with the onslaught of you the words
Suffocating let ME breathe
Everywhere you are. in my facebook, twitter feed, on wikipedia and on the blue enticing links

Lets go somewhere where you the words and i have space to breathe
A page white on which you have a stage to dance
Not that backlit pages where you are crammed in and overflowing like a local mumbai train

Let us both find a place to breathe