Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cactus and Moon

From the horizons of the oceans to the dunes
Cactus and clouds await to entwine in monsoon
But must they endure the scorching summers
As nature tests the faith of these lovers

While the veil of night dawns over the ocean
And relentless darkness fills cactus with dejection
Appears the radiant moon in full bright circle
Gleaming with hope and amorous sparkle

Burning with jealousy cactus tells the moon
How blessed thou are to have this boon
Nightly tryst in beloved's arms is a lover's right
Then why must I wait for eternity in this plight

This ephemeral tryst, says moon, is a one night's bliss
As I slowly fade away from my earth into a dark abyss
Forgetful I become of agony awaiting for this tryst
As universe honors love of those who endure and persist

While I gaze at stars laying down on the shore
And grieve what pitiless destiny has brought to the fore
The echoes of moon's verse rings inside me
Bringing the faith in future of hope and glee